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The mandate of the Bathurst Youth Centre is to offer structured programs that are directed toward resolving specific problems faced by youth as well as providing counseling, educational, recreational and social activities in a supervised setting. As well, the Centre provides assistance to youth in preparing for job interviews, searching for employment and proper job etiquette.


The Bathurst Youth Centre gives our youth a place to meet and enjoy leisure activities in a healthy, secure and fun environment. This environment meets the interests and needs of today's young people. We offer dances, concerts, variety shows, a café, pool tables and games area, organized sports, activities and programs. Counseling services and assistance with employment are also available. Any other activity or service that young people desire is definitely deemed priority.

The Bathurst Youth Centre is in need of support to help with renovations to maintain the centre.  The BYC is in need of a new roof, new heating system and a new door.  Renovations total in the amount of approximately $85,000. 

We are hoping that with all of your help we can ensure the BYC organization is available to all youth for many years to come!


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